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We are a newly founded construction company in East Sydney region bringing our vast 13 years experience and expertise in this industry from Europe. We have done our best since the foundation of the company to make each and every of our customer satisfied with the quality of work we have done so far. We have had the chance to serve some customers in this region and we pride ourselves on being respectful, professional and efficient with good and competitive prices on the market.

Here at Delta Construction Solutions Pty Ltd, we do understand your initial expectations about your renovation project or any other projects you may want to get done with our company. We are well aware of the fact that you need to find out more about us and this is the same for us too. We would like to get to know you as much as you do, since the job that we provide, regardless of its time frame, means you have to let us into your home, into your family, altogether into your life.

We would like to offer the best we can, and we know how to make your project a great project. That is the reason we would like to get to know you to be able to provide you with the solutions that you are looking for. We take our time to listen to you, your ideas, because these are the small things that will be present and matter in your life every day and we want these to suit you as much as it is possible.

Every project starts with a personal meeting that allows us to get to know each other, and hopefully winning your trust. During this meeting you can talk about your ideas in detail and later we are able to give you, the customer a free quote on the work to be done. You will see that the prices will be competitive, alongside with high quality materials used.

We have been designing and carrying out renovation projects for the last 13 years and trusting our expertise we would like to ask you to give us a call or write an e-mail to us so that we can help you to the best of our abilities. We would love to discuss your ideas with you.


  • We combine quality workmanship, superior knowledge and low prices
  • We can ensure a job is done on time and on budget
  • Proven results for setting exceptional standards in cost control
  • Professional service for private and commercial customers
  • 13 years experience and a real focus on customer satisfaction

    We combine quality workmanship, superior knowledge and low prices to provide you with service unmatched by our competitors.


    We have the experience, personel and resources to make the project run smoothly. We can ensure a job is done on time.


    Work with us involve a carefully planned series of steps, centered around a schedule we stick to and daily communication.

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